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Monthly roundup of programming related updates, technology news, apps and more.
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Sixth Edition of the Newsletter - June 2022

Google I/o 2022 Updates, What is Cloud?, What is Doxing? and TOP frontend frameworks of 2022.

Fifth Edition of the Newsletter - May 2022

Elon Musk - Twitter Update, Cloud Native, C Projects, & Crypto Exchanges.

Fourth Edition of the Newsletter - April 2022

Top Tech News, Tech Billionaires in 2022, Best Progressive Web Apps for Inspiration, Learning Docker in 2022, and a lot more.

Third Edition of the Newsletter - March 2022

Special Shark Tank India coverage, China plans to take on Elon Musk's Starlink, Indian Researcher awarded by Google, and a lot more.

Second Edition of the Newsletter - February 2022

Top 10 Indian CEOs, Web 3.0, Popular NFTs, Interview resources, and a lot more.

First Edition of the Newsletter - January 2022

Facebook's plans with Meta, Cryptos are bigger than ever, NFT Craze, Cool Apps, What to learn in 2022, and a lot more.