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 2 Mins

Know an interesting usecase about the printf() function in C Language

 4 Mins

The real meaning of Motivation and How it can change your Life

 4 Mins

Top 5 Skills a Fresher must have to enter the Software Industry

 5 Mins

Helpful Shortcuts of IDLE for Python Beginners

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To team study2night, I am very happy learning at your website. I was searching for ways to learn for my c course. Your site is a perfect find for me. All the content in your site is simply awesome!!! Thank you very much!!!

- Adabala K Chaitanya

It's a magnificent application. As im a beginner programmer it's very help full. can i have a chance to work with you or your team? Kind of internship, no matter if i don't get paid!

- Pratik Chavan

You have made a great application.... Helps a lot whenever I am revising concepts. You should try adding some standard and intriguing questions alongside the theory, that would help retain the concepts for longer and put them to practical use.

- Varun Chabra

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