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This C language program collection has more than 100 programs, covering beginner level programs like Hello World, Sum of Two numbers, etc. to complex programs like Fibonacci series, Prime Numbers, and pattern printing programs.

All the programs have working code along with their output. The programs are categorized, with each section having related programs. We suggest you to learn the basics of C language from our C tutorial, before getting started with the C programs.

We also have a new list of C programs here - More C programs, adding more C programs for your reference.

If you are struggling to learn C language, then you should try our new C language Interactive course, where you learn by practicing. Yes, you learn a concept, complete a small coding exercise and then move on to the next lesson.

C language is a beginner friendly language, and helps you understand all the foundational concepts of programming like datatypes, variables, conditionals, loops, array, functions, etc.

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Why learn C language?

C language is a great language to introduce yourself to the programming world because it is simple, and easy-to-learn, some concepts are tricky but overall you will not find anything difficult while learning C language. It will introduce you to all the major programming concepts like, data types, variables, functions, arrays, strings, conditional statements, loops, input/output, data structures, etc., that are the same in other modern programming languages.

If you are a fresher, you must know C/C++ language if you want to crack your college placement interviews. All the services-based companies like TCS, Accenture, IBM, etc. hire C developers.

1. Highly efficient

C language is popular for its efficiency and performance. The programs written in C language execute quickly and uses the system resources efficiently. C language is used in embedded systems because in embedded systems resources are limited and performance is important.

Some examples of embedded systems that you use in your everyday life are TV remotes, Gaming remotes, Digital cameras, Calculators, appliances like Refrigerators, Washing machines, Microwaves, etc. All these have embedded systems in them.

2. System-level programming

As C language provides low-level control over a computer's hardware and memory, that makes C language best suited for system-level programming and creating operating systems.

3. Portable

C language is also popular because of its portability. C language code can be compiled and executed on different platforms without much changes required. So if you want to run a program on different platforms, C language should be your choice.

4. Easy to learn

The learning curve for C language is small. The language has less keywords and concepts. The syntax is easy to remember and use. The C compiler gives descriptive errors, so it is easy to debug the code. And that is the reason beginners like it.

5. Versatile

You can use C language to create small utility software and large-scale enterprise software.

Application built using C language

My software and applications have been built using the C language, som popular names are:

  1. MySQL Database

  2. Adobe Photoshop software

  3. Chromium browser, etc.

But talking about different product types, here is a list:

  1. Operating Systems: Many modern and popular operating systems are written using C language, like UNIX, Linux, and Windows, etc.

  2. Embedded Systems: We have already mentioned, embedded systems have less memory and needs code that runs fast. So C language is the language for them.

  3. Compilers and Interpreters: Programming language like C++, Python, and Java, have their compilers and interpreters written in C.

  4. Database Systems: MySQL and PostgreSQL, have parts of their codebase written in C language.

  5. Networking and Protocol Stacks: C language is often used to build networking software. C language is efficient and provides better control, hence it is used to write TCP/IP stack software.

Should I learn C language in 2023?

If you are a beginner and you are learning C language, then you have made a good choice. You can start with learning Python, but C language will help you understand how basic programming paradigm works, how to write code, how to compile and execute code, along with all the basic concepts of programming.

And the scope is limited. In case of Python there are so many popular packages and libraries that you may get confused, but with C language you will have a smooth learning curve.

If you want to learn C language you can explore our C language interactive course.

Or go through our free tutorials: