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CSS course

  4.5  (308+ ratings) | 3594 students

CSS or CSS3 is part of the foundation on top of which a Website is built. Without CSS, websites would look ugly as hell. SASS, SCSS, etc are built on top of CSS, to enable UI developers write better styling code. For a UI developer, knowing CSS is a must.

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Why learn CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading stylesheets. It is used to style Web pages. Every single webpage that you see on the Internet, is styled using CSS. Knowledge of CSS is required to understand and use the popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, etc.

Learning CSS is mandatory if you want to become a Web developer or a Frontend Developer. CSS is used to create responsive webpages, which look good on different devices with different screen sizes.

Why learn CSS Why learn CSS

Who can do the CSS course?

School Student
College Student
Fresh Graduate
Web Developer
Frontend Developer

The entire course is divided into Levels, with each level having multiple Lessons. Each lesson has a coding exercise.

Skills you will gain

Basics of CSS, Various CSS Selectors and how to use them.
Basic styling properties like color, background, border, font, etc.
CSS Box Model
CSS Display properties
Creating Responsive Webpages
Animation, Transform, and Transition using CSS
CSS Flexbox
Concept of Grids using CSS Grid

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Each lesson comes with a small coding exercise. You have to complete the exercises to progress.
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Our application guides you, as you write code to complete the coding exercises, just like a tutor.
No Installations
No App. No local compiler setup. Nothing! You can open our website in the browser and enjoy the course.
Fun Exercises
Fill in the blanks, missing parts, choose correct options, we have all sorts of fun coding exercises.
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Our courses are curated by experts with years of experience.

User Review & Rating

Here is what our users say about our application and the courses.

It is a great platform to learn No doubt about that. Abhishek (The Creator) you have done a great job. only feedback I would like to give is, many times even the right code does not work because of some backend configuration and that is really frustrating. It is frustrating to a point that I felt like just dumping this platform and use something else.

Best website I ever seen , I found this website randomly and now I regularly use this website for 3-4 hours for my cs chapter practice

i love the teach but could youtubes be added to every lesson fro the more difficult taskes

what best course, thank you studytonight for this interactive course

I like it very much. But often code editor doesn't work properly on andriod. Apart from that it's really good.

I have get to learn so much from your website. Thank you for such valuable content.

There are sometimes grammatical errors in the lesson texts. However, the lessons are well explained and very easy to understand. Thank you!

study tonight is awesome and its making the language easy to learn by giving simpler task and its also motivating when coins are awarded. I feel like learning with the great teacher. I am not exaggerating . I am feeling it. Besides that the doubts are also cleared through mail by them asap. Thank you so much Thank you so much

you guys are just amazing....!!!! I think you have done a wonderful job to creating this website totally free... Thank you (From the bottom of my heart)

difficulty level is easy and not everything is covered otherwise i was the best course .

Lessons (with exercise)
141 lessons
Time to complete
Approx. 16 hours
Skill level
Reward on completion
Digital Certificate
CSS Course
  4.5  (308+ ratings) | 3594 students
You are just one step away from starting your journey of learning CSS.
₹250 ₹1000 75% OFF
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CSS Projects

Please complete the Course first and then work on Projects.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

Code a single page responsive Portfolio, using modern CSS Flexbox techniques.

Required coins
900 Coins
Stylish Audio Player

Stylish Audio Player

Learn how to style the default Audio player created by the browser.

Required coins
600 Coins
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Digital Certificate!

Once you have completed the CSS course, you can generate your certificate of completion.

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Frequently asked questions related to CSS. Here we have answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

CSS stands for cascading style sheets. It is used to style webpages. HTML is used to create basic structure of webpages, whereas CSS is used to add styling to it. You can watch this video on Youtube to understand CSS - What is CSS? (Youtube video).

Yes, for becoming Frontend developer or UI developer, you should have a good understanding of CSS. If you know CSS, you can build modern, user-friendly, and responsive user interfaces.