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Blue color Python Logo Web Scraping using Beautiful Soup

Internet is an ocean of information spread accross various websites, where it is categorized, interlinked and mostly freely available for everyone.

For example: If you want to know about the market price for a particular product, you can go out in the market physically and ask shopkeepers or you can search the product on online stores like amazon, ebay etc. But what if you want list of all the products of a particular category in a certain price range? You will obviously prefer online stores because shopkeepers around your home will not entertain you with the list of all the products.

But getting such data/information from the internet is not easy at times. For such situations and requirements, we use programs to parse and fetch data from any website and this technique of extracting large amount of data from websites by parsing the HTML code is known as Web Scraping.

In this tutorial we will understand what is web scrapping, what is beautifulSoup Module, and how to scrap multiple website and URLs.

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