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about us

We are Studytonight

Our mission is to empower young Students to be the inventors and creators of tomorrow.

In a world where education is still considered a luxury and environment is taken for granted, our founder thought he can atleast try to change one.

We at Studytonight believe that by widening the reach of education, by making it easily available, in different languages, at affordable price, so much can be achieved and changed.

And this journey started in 2013 when a young boy thought "wouldn't it be great, to have a website, with simple tutorials for programming languages, just like a friend would teach you!", and Studytonight was born.

studytonight over time
The right way to learn how to code is by doing
- It's a Fact
studytonight app

Interactive Smart App

Our Interactive application monitors the code written by the user and guide them where they go wrong.

studytonight community

Growing Community

Having served over 50 million+ users, our content is amongst the most liked programming content avilable on the internet.

studytonight future

The Future

We want to enable every person on the planet to be able to learn how to code in their native language on any device.

Our Timeline

March 2013
— Studytonight was launched with 3 tutorials, namely, C, C++, and Java.
November 2013
Tests added for pratice and interview preparation, along with tutorials for more subjects.
January 2014
Forum added for Question-Answer, along with User profile system.
September 2014
Link sharing service added to Studytonight for collecting good URLs in one place.
February 2015
— Better reporting of Test scores and analysis on user profile.
May 2015
— First Interactive course added for HTML.
October 2015
— HTML Course made available in Hindi language.
January 2016
— Link sharing service taken down.
April 2016
Flashcards added to help users quickly revise concepts before an interview.
2016 - 2017
— Added more content to the website in different formats like tutorials, tests, and flashcards.
July 2017
— Started our Youtube channel to share videos to help users learn progamming.
November 2017
— Launched Curious for sharing general technology articles and independent articles.
November 2018
— Opened first office of Studytonight.
May 2019
— First fulltime employee hired.
December 2019
— Developed a light CMS (in-house) for managing our tutorials content creation and publishing.
During 2020
— While adjusting to Covid-19 lockdown, we continuosly worked on creating more content.
November 2020
— Moved to our new office and started re-aligning the business into an Edtech business.
January 2021
— Launched the new UI with complete re-branding. Also got our first client on-board.
April 2021
Interactive Course re-launched with a complete new setup.
September 2021
— Hit 100k followers on Instagram. And we also closed our 5th Client.
October 2021
— Interactive courses for HTML, CSS, and Javascript available on the website. Completed 15k user enrollments for the courses.
December 2021
— Introduced Playground, with 10 different programming languages to enable users code within their browsers.
January 2022
— New Profile dashboard with better navigation.
March 2022
— User can Purchase Coins and use it for doing interactive course.
April 2022
— Introduced Dark Mode of website for better user experience.
June 2022
— Improved the Compiler service (v 2.0)
August 2022
— New version of the Interactive learning app launched for programming language courses. (v 2.0)
October 2022
GO language course Live.
November 2022
— Moved CSS and Javascript course to the new version of application.
December 2022
— Now you can get an NFT as proof of course completion, after completing a course.
— Already coming to an end. We will soon update this year's timeline too.
The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch
Who are we?
We are a small team working hard to bring in the best learning experience to learn how to code, for our users around the world.
Abhishek Ahlawat
Vishal Chadha

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We are a young team, building a cool product to help anyone learn to code by actually coding, not by watching videos.