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Full Form of OYO

Acronym Full-Form
OYO On Your Own Rooms

On Your Own Rooms or OYO Rooms has been India's largest network of hotels which has now spread over 199 cities. The headquarters of OYO is at Gurugram, Haryana. The aim of the OYO franchise is to become the world's most loved hotel brand, that offers hotels to different segments of people creating lodging utility and pleasure and delight. At this present day, OYO provides more than 6500 hotels offering comfortable and standardized stays at an unmatched price.

OYO full form

Origins of OYO

You will be surprised by the fact that OYO started its services in 2013 with only one hotel in Gurugram. Which has become 7000 hotels with around 70,000 rooms across India. Both, the founder and CEO of OYO are Mr Ritesh Agarwal.

OYO works in a distinct fashion, an idea which has been the cause for its appeal and success. It does not operate or own most of the hotels, rather, it simply ties up with them and makes sure that the hotels offer quality services to the guests. These guests book the rooms through the OYO platform or the application.


  • Standardized: The same facilities, amenities, and ambience is maintained to make sure that the experience for all the guests booking the rooms is delightful.
  • Affordable: As compared to the rooms of other budget hotels, OYO offers rooms at affordable prices and the best services.
  • Technology Driven: To deliver the best services and run efficiently the management and operations, OYO uses pioneering technology. You can book a room very easily in just three clicks or in a matter of seconds.

Advantages of OYO Rooms:

1. OYO Rooms is a Convenient Option for the Guests.

OYO Rooms will always guard you against the hassles of travelling on a budget. You can just find the OYO Rooms nearby and make yourself comfortable. You can also select from more than 200 cities ranging over 8,000 hotels in India alone.

2. Affordable pricing of OYO Rooms

To get a room equipped with the basic amenities you would have to pay an average of only Rs. 399 under the OYO Rooms Pricing. Also, you get the freedom to pay at an hourly rate. So even if it is in an odd hour, you can look for an OYO Room homestay rather than killing your time at the airport.

3. Ease of Access

You can easily book an OYO Room using the OYO app. Plus you will find the OYO Rooms service very frequently in most cities and towns.

4. Impeccable Hospitality

As the company doesn't itself own any hotel or vacation home, OYO does not compromise on hospitality and best facilities at the reserved hotels. To add to this, OYO Rooms keeps in mind the higher and middle classes to opt for the best services within budget.

5. Employment Options

There are a number of job opportunities that are opened for young professionals in different domains due to the OYO Rooms services. You can also apply for internships or freelance jobs. For these purposes, you can get into contact with the OYO Careers team through the official OYO Rooms website.

Presently OYO has a massive workforce of 17000+ employees.

Disadvantages of OYO Rooms:

1. Non-payment to Hotels

There are some complaints by the Hoteliers about the extra charges put on the hotels by OYO rooms. They even refuse to pay the full amount as per stipulation on occasions. Even criminal cases have been filed on OYO for such cases by the hotel owners.

2. Noisy Locations

Most OYO Rooms are located in the hustle and bustle of the city as they aspire to be more accessible for the people in need. By doing this, most OYO Rooms have located themselves in noisy surroundings. Therefore, if peace and serenity are what you are looking for, then the chances for finding them at OYO Rooms are pretty slim.

3. Hidden Cams

Some shocking instances have found that some OYO Rooms were loaded with hidden cameras. Such an instance has been noted by a couple in Bhubaneshwar.

4. Data Privacy

A digital register was maintained by OYO rooms in 2019 to record all the customers' data. This data can be shared in real-time with government agencies. This could be a threat to privacy for many of the OYO Rooms users.

OYO Homes

The OYO Home facility is designed to be unique and located in beautiful local neighbourhoods. They would come with the same convenience and consistency of an OYO managed Hotel but they would probably be far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

These will be completely private homes with high-quality service and amenities. You will be provided with the privacy and the amenities of a hotel at the same time. These are independent houses that are managed and maintained by the OYO teams.

It is an attempt by the OYO team to actually create for the customer, a home away from home.

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