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GO Language course

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Using GO Language you can do system programming, web development, DevOps, Cloud computing, and a lot more. It is used by the top product companies of the world like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amex, Paypal, etc. So let's get started with learning GO Lang.

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Why learn GO Language?

GO language was created by Google to create large, scalable, high-performing applications. GO language is close to C language in terms of some syntax style and concepts. GO language is a modern general-purpose programming language, which can be used to create software, cloud applications, web applications, server scripting, etc.

GO language is a compiled language. It is fast replacing Python because it is more readable, has robust concurrency support, error handling, and a lot of other modern features.

Why learn GO language Why learn GO language

Who can do the GO Language course?

College Student
Fresh Graduate
Software Developer
Senior Software Developer
Web Developer
DevOps Engineer

The entire course is divided into Levels, with each level having multiple Lessons. Each lesson has a coding exercise.

Skills you will gain

Basics of GO programming language, understanding the program structure and how to run code.
Datatypes, Variables, and Operators in GO
Conditional statements and Loops
Creating and using Functions.
Concept of Pointers
Different data structures like Array, Slice, Map, Structures, etc.
Taking user input in programs
Error handling in GO
Concept of concurrency in GO

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No App. No local compiler setup. Nothing! You can open our website in the browser and enjoy the course.
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