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Simplified Programming Education

Enjoy the #rightway to learn coding.

Interactive Live Coding

Self-paced, guided, simplified coding course, where you write code while learning.

Start Learning

Context Setting Videos

Videos to keep you on track and for better understanding of concepts.

Real-world like Projects

Fun projects to help you get hands-on experience to make you industry ready.


A rigorous certification test will make you ready to take on any interview.

The #rightway to get a Job!

Get seen by the right recruiters, once you have the required skillset.

Learn more, Earn more!

Introducing ST coins, which you can earn as you progress with your learning.

Earn coins as you learn coding. Each lesson completed gets you 10 coins.

Explore the website to find more ways to earn coins. #STCoinHunt

Use the coins to get certified and get Job assistance from Studytonight.

Everything else, still there!

4000+ resources, with improved content and user-experience, for free.


Free tutorials for all the popular programming languages.

Interview Tests

MCQs for interview prep.


Learn something new everyday.


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