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In this tutorial, we will cover the Numpy Library in Python.

Numpy is a shorthand form of "Numeric Python" or "Numerical Python" and it is pronounced as (Num-pee). It is an open-source library in Python that provides support in mathematical, scientific, engineering, and data science programming.

In this complete tutorial, we will learn how to install the Numpy library and how to use it. We will learn about Ndarray, how to create them and how to perform various operations on ndarray, like:

  1. Sorting,

  2. Iterating,

  3. Indexing, etc.

You will also find various useful Numpy library built-in functions covered in detail with code examples, which will help you understand how to use these built-in functions while working with the Numpy library.

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Why Learn NumPy?

  • NumPy is a Popular Python library for scientific computing.

  • It is a high-performance computational framework that is efficient for data analysis, machine learning, and scientific research.

  • It offers various mathematical functions and tools for array manipulation, complex computations and data transformations.

How to Learn NumPy?

  • Follow our easy-to-understand Interactive NumPy Tutorial that will help you learn the Basics of NumPy.

  • NumPy Documentation: NumPy provides comprehensive documentation with program explanations, examples, and tutorials.

  • Online Courses and Tutorials: There are plenty of Video Tutorials on YouTube and you can also enroll in online paid courses that are specifically designed to teach NumPy.

Use of NumPy:

  • Numerical Computing: NumPy is widely used for numerical computations, such as linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number generation.

  • Data Manipulation: NumPy provides powerful tools for manipulating and transforming arrays.

  • Machine Learning: NumPy arrays are the primary data structures used in machine learning algorithms.

Companies Using NumPy:

  • Many tech giants such as Google, Amazon, NASA, and CERN, use NumPy for their computational and data-intensive projects.

Job Opportunities for NumPy Developers:

  • Data Scientist: NumPy is a fundamental skill for data scientists that allows them to manipulate and analyze data efficiently.

  • Machine Learning Engineer: NumPy is used for implementing and optimizing machine learning algorithms using Python.