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JavaScript course

  4.5  (542+ ratings) | 8624 students

Javascript is a scripting language that is used for both frontend and backend development. In this course you will learn both sides of this amazing language. If you want to become a Web developer, you must learn Javascript.

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Why learn JavaScript?

Javascript is a programming language used in Web development. You can use Javascript in Frontend development to make the webpage design responsive to user action, whereas you can use Javascript for coding the complete backend too. NodeJS is a Javascript runtime environment used to develop backend using Javascript.

If you want to become a web developer then learning Javascript is necessary. Even if you do not want to code the backend using Javascript, still you must know Javascript for frontend development.

There are many popular libraries and frameworks in Javascript that are being used worldwide, like ReactJS, NextJS, ExpressJS, AngularJS, etc. All of these are build on top of Javascript, so having knowledge of Javascript is a must before you learn any of these modern libraries/frameworks.

Why learn Javascript Why learn Javascript

Who can do the JavaScript course?

School Student
College Student
Fresh Graduate
Software Developer
Web Developer
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer

The entire course is divided into Levels, with each level having multiple Lessons. Each lesson has a coding exercise.

Skills you will gain

Basics of Javascript, understanding the program structure and how to run code.
Datatypes, Variables, and Operators in Javascript
Conditional statements and Loops
Creating and using Functions.
Javascript with HTML
Concept of Array in Javascript.
Objects in Javascript

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Each lesson comes with a small coding exercise. You have to complete the exercises to progress.
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Our application guides you, as you write code to complete the coding exercises, just like a tutor.
No Installations
No App. No local compiler setup. Nothing! You can open our website in the browser and enjoy the course.
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User Review & Rating

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I have acquired so much knowledge. Thank you so much. +2347084933609 Abdulhadi Yunus Aliyu from Kaduna State Nigeria

good course, make more courses like this for free plzzz

To print it to the console is too slow. When you are doing the exercise and you didn't do it well the Run button it gets stuck and I have to refresh the website every time I have a mistake, so I can re-write my code.

so much fun in learning, explanation is clear and easy

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It's really awesome to learn here... every excercise pgms are really worth n helpfull

It's a great course to practice and learn coding. I hope to be more course for others programing languages and certifications in this way. It's a great way to profit from this. Thank You very much for these opportunities.

Loved this way of learning, plus course outline is well organized

Its the best ever experience to get a hand on the coding language and learn it side by side. I am going insane speed and have almost completed the Front End part , please come up with the Backend part soon ! I am waiting

Absolutely awesome tutorial the best ever keep it up.

Lessons (with exercise)
87 lessons
Time to complete
Approx. 10 hours
Skill level
Reward on completion
Digital Certificate
JavaScript Course
  4.5  (542+ ratings) | 8624 students
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JavaScript Projects

Please complete the Course first and then work on Projects.

Stopwatch App

Stopwatch App

Learn how we can access HTML elements in JS and perform a task repeatedly using setInterval/clearInterval function.

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Frequently asked questions related to JavaScript. Here we have answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

JavaScript is a scripting language that is used to make webpages dynamic. HTML is used to create a webpage's structure, CSS is used to style the webpage and Javascript makes the webpage functional.

JavaScript is amongst the easy-to-learn programming languages, hence it can be the first language for beginners. Javascript can be used for web development and that makes it a good fit for beginners as you can see what you are doing in the browser.

This course will teach you about Javascript as a programming language and as a scripting language. So it will cover both the aspects. You will learn how you can write backend code using Javascript. And you will also learn how you can use Javascript with HTML to do Frontend development.