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Create Textual content, Instagram Reels, Youtube Videos or Video courses.


Educate lacs of users through Studytonight, by sharing your knowledge and experiences.


It's your chance to get famous and earn some extra money.

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  1. Apply using LinkedIn, choose Text format for content or video or both.
  2. Once you get approved as an Educator, you can choose from our Educator tasks, we will approve the task, and you can start working on it.
  3. With every successful task submission, you get the associated amount in your bank account within a week.
  4. Naah! No more steps. Just repeat the above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your question here, drop us an email at with your query.

Anyone with a deep understanding of one or more technologies can apply. There’s nothing to lose, so apply!

After you submit your application, we will review your application and will approve or reject it based on your profile. There can be multiple reasons for rejection like, skillset, experience, etc. and you can apply again when you think you are ready.

Typically we respond within 2 business days. You should expect to hear from us on via email. We will find you!

We have everything from Instagram reels to end-to-end courses to Youtube videos to simple textual tutorials. Suit yourself!

If you’re interested in creating video content with us, such as video courses, Youtube videos - we request you for a short sample video of yours. This could be as short as 1 minute video. You can talk about absolutely anything. Or you could simply create short intro video on an area of your expertise.

Yes. If your application gets approved you can request for creating any form of content(text content, video content, or both). You will have to submit a video sample, in case you change content type from textual to video.

All projects submitted until the 15th day of the month will be paid out on or before 25th day of the same month. Similarly, all projects submitted between 16th and 31st day of the month will be paid out on or before 10th of the following month.

Yes, each Educator task comes with a deadline and a set price tag along with all the requirements explained for completing that task. When you choose any task, you should first go through the requirements and then decide whether you want to do it or not.

When the task deadline expires, the task will get submitted automatically. If it's incomplete you can let us know by sending us an email on and we may help you by extending the timeline.

Once you are approved as an Educator, you can provide you bank account details using the "Edit Profile" page. You will receive your payment directly via bank transfer(NEFT/IMPS) for Indian educators and via Paypal for international educators.

Yes you can. Please drop us an email at with your suggestions.