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JavaScript is a programming language that is used to make websites interactive and dynamic. Javascript can be used both in Frontend development and in Backend development.

JavaScript is popularly called JS (short for JavaScript).

In Frontend development, JavaScript works with HTML to make webpages dynamic, by getting data from APIs, managing user interaction like a mouse click, inputting data in a form, some button clicks, etc. events, and a lot more.

Whereas in Backend development, JavaScript behaves as a full-time programming language. All it needs is a NodeJS setup.

JavaScript is based on ECMAScript standards. It executes on the browser and therefore reduces the load on the server. JavaScript can also be used to create cross-platform applications or SaaS applications or to create a Back-end server-side application by using NodeJS.

The current version of the ECMAScript standard is ECMAScript 2023.

You can learn JavaScript interactively by solving coding exercises using our special JavaScript course - JavaScript Interactive Course

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You can run JavaScript code in any browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. or you can install Node JS locally and run your JavaScript code. You can use VS Code editor to write JavaScript code and save the code in a file with a .js extension.

In VS Code editor you can install the Live Server extension to run the JavaScript code in the browser.

Career Opportunities in JavaScript

If you are good at JavaScript there are many career opportunities that you can explore:

  1. Web Developer - Create dynamic websites using JavaScript

  2. Frontend Developer - Focus on fronted development by becoming a Front-end developer after learning JavaScript

  3. Fullstack Developer - You can learn JavaScript frameworks like NodeJS, ExpressJS, React JS, etc., and become a Fullstack developer.

  4. Game Developer - JavaScript is also used in game development.

  5. Mobile App Developer

Future of JavaScript

In the recent StackOverflow Developer Survey in 2023, 65.82% of professional developers declared that they use JavaScript at work. Which is a huge number. So you can understand the popularity of JavaScript. If you want to become a Web developer or Fullstack developer, or if you want to get into anything related to website development then you must know JavaScript.

Basic Hello World Program

JavaScript is used in both frontend and backend development. So the Hello World program in JavaScript can be written for both frontend and the backend.

Hello World - Frontend

When we use JavaScript for the frontend, we see the result in the browser window.

alert("Hello World!");

Hello World - Backend

When we use JavaScript for the backend, we see the result in the browser console or the VS code terminal.

console.log("Hello World!");