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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Using CSS, you can style your HTML webpage to make it colorful, structured, modern, and responsive. All modern websites use CSS for styling their web pages.

CSS1 first marked its appearance in 1996 and CSS2 quickly followed it, making some significant improvements. The current version, CSS3 has added many useful features like Flexbox, Media Queries, Grid Layout, Transitions, Animations, etc.

To understand how CSS fits into the World of Web development, alongside HTML and JavaScript, we recommend you to watch this YouTube video - What is CSS?

You can use our FREE CSS Course, to learn CSS interactively, with coding exercises and live coding. You will also get the course completion certificate for CSS.

It's because of CSS, that every webpage on the Internet looks so beautiful, colorful, and responsive. HTML is used to form the structure of the document or the webpage, whereas CSS is used to style the HTML elements and make them look beautiful.

In this tutorial set, we will learn about various CSS style properties and how you can use them to style your HTML webpage.

You can also check out our Free CSS Course (Interactive), where you learn by doing.