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CSS Tutorial: Ending Note

Welcome to the last lesson of this tutorial series. From learning the syntax of CSS to 2D and 3D transformations, we have come a long way! You have developed a new skill and can now head in confidently into the Web Designing world. With your new-found skill you now understand how interesting it is to develop good looking webpages.

Many developers try to find good website templates online to use it for their website. But those websites end up looking just like any other website on the Internet. You will now be able to design your website like you want it to be, thus making it look unique.

If you are a UI/UX Designer, knowing how to modify the CSS is always an add on as you do not have to run to your developers for making small changes which you can easily fix yourself. And as you practice, you'll only become better at this.

To practice and to re-visit all the examples in this tutorial, go ahead and checkout the following links:

CSS Examples → All the Examples

Web Terminal for Practice → Go to Playground

Once again, Congratulations! on completing Studytonight’s CSS tutorial series.