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Learn Coding
by doing! 👨🏻‍💻

Simple lessons, online compiler, coding exercises, and a guided experience for beginners.


Interactive Courses with to-the-point(simple) lessons, live coding exercises and projects.

GO LangGO lang


GO Language is a modern general-purpose programming language.

Abhishek Ahlawat

88 Lessons 15+ hours



Javascript makes your webpage dynamic and alive. Learn Javascript by doing.

Abhishek Ahlawat

87 Lessons 15+ hours



CSS is used to add styling to webpages to make them look cooler. Learn CSS by doing.

Abhishek Ahlawat

147 Lessons 18+ hours



HTML is the building block for Web development. Learn HTML by doing.

Abhishek Ahlawat

110 Lessons 9+ hours



One of the most used programming language for algorithmic problem solving.



Hottest language in the programming world right now.


An experience that will make you fall in love with coding.

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Simple lessons to learn

Byte-size Lessons

Simple lessons, in text and in video, to explain everything, each with a small coding exercise.

In-browser coding

In-browser Coding

No hassle of installing Compilers. Write your code directly in the browser and learn.

100k+ Developers Community

Guided Mode

Our app will never leave you alone. You will get proper instructions, hints and messages to help you progress.

Chance to get an NFT
Based on the time you take to complete the course, you get an NFT.
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Projects/Concept Bundles


Stopwatch App

Learn how to code a stopwatch using Javascript and HTML/CSS.

9 Exercises


Queue Data Structure

Learn how to implement Queue data structure in C++

9 Exercises


Personal Portfolio

Learn how to code responsive Portfolio using CSS flexbox property.

11 Exercises

The #rightway to learn coding!


Short and simple lessons to help you understand the concept with animated videos to help you visualize difficult concepts.


With every lesson, you have to write code, and make sure its correct to proceed to next lesson. Our AI-powered application will guide you to write the correct code.


Once you are done with your course, you can do mini projects to get the taste of real-world application building and learn specific concepts using our concept bundles.


Answering some of your common questions.

Some are FREE, some are PAID. We have both FREE and PAID courses. We also run discount offers, to provide our Courses at a cheaper price.

Our Courses are handcrafted to help you understand the concept, with in-browser coding experience, which takes time to build, hence we charge nominal price for our World-class courses.

Yes, you will get Certificate of Completion. Once you complete the Course, you can generate your Certificate and share it around on LinkedIn or with your Friends/Colleagues.

Our courses are self-paced. Which means, you get to learn at your own pace. Once you enrol for the Course, it is upto you, how much time you want to devote to the course. You can finish it in one go, or you can take a week/month to finish the course.

We recommend spending 2-3 hours every day.

You can ask your doubts in forum. You can post your question in the Forum, and we will answer it. We are also working on bringing in Doubt Sessions for students who enrol in our courses.

Mini Porjects mean small applications of the programming language. It can be writing REST services in any programming language or consuming REST services, handling JSON data, or creating a layout, or using frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.

Projects will help you get a taste of real-world requirements and work.

No, you don't have to install anything. We have in-browser compilers for most of the programming languages for you. You can use them if you enrol in our courses and otherwise too. You just have to login to use them.

You can create simple projects, save the code and share with your friends.

Yes, absolutely. Our Web application is mobile friendly, and we will soon launch our Mobile application too.