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If you want to learn Android app development, then you should learn Kotlin. Kotlin is now preferred over Java for developing Android applications.

Major product-based companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, etc. are moving the code base of their Android application from Java to Kotlin because Kotlin provides way better performance than Java.

Also, Kotlin is easy to learn and writing code in Kotlin is also easy.

Our Kotlin Tutorial will help you learn Kotlin programming language and understand its evolution from Java. The Kotlin tutorial starts from the basics and gradually moves on to advanced concepts.

You will only find the core concepts here and nothing related to Android Application development because we think you must learn Kotlin as a programming language and then use it for Android app development.

Why learn Kotlin?

  • Kotlin is a versatile Programming Language that is rapidly gaining popularity in Android app development.

  • It provides easy-to-understand syntax and increases productivity.

  • It helps you to build robust and efficient applications providing you with the opportunity to expand your skillsets.

How to learn Kotlin?

  • Kotlin Tutorial by Studytonight - Start by familiarizing yourself with Kotlin's syntax and features through our free online tutorial.

  • Official Android Basics with Compose Course by Android

  • Work on small projects (simple programs and then Android apps) and then start developing more complex projects.

Use of Kotlin:

You can use Kotlin for the following:

  1. Android App Development: Kotlin provides seamless integration with Java and it is highly preferred for Android app development.

  2. Server-Side Development: Kotlin can be used for developing scalable server-side applications using frameworks like Ktor and Spring Boot.

  3. Data Science and Machine Learning: Using libraries like KotlinDL and Koma, you can build machine learning models with Kotlin.

Job Opportunities for Kotlin Developers:

After learning Kotlin, you can look for Jobs in the following profiles.

  • Android Developer: Kotlin is a vital skill for Android app development positions.

  • Backend Developer: Many companies are adopting Kotlin for server-side development, offering job opportunities for Kotlin backend developers.