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Using Eclipse IDE for Android App Development

In our previous tutorial, we learned about the Android SDK Manager. We hope you followed the tutorial and have successfully configured your system for application development. If not, then go check the previous tutorial for it.

As the title of this tutorial suggests, in this tutorial we will learn how to setup and use Eclipse IDE for Android development. But that is not true. This tutorial is just to update you that Google no longer support Eclipse IDE for android development.

For Android development and debugging support in Eclipse, ADT Plugin is the extension, which was provided by Google until June 2015, when they stopped working on it, and marked it unsupported.

If you do not believe us, check this link.

So it's better to start using Android Studio, if you were using Eclipse IDE until now. And if you are a beginner, then why should we start a new journey with an old development environment. Right?

Android Studio it is then!