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Direction and Distance Test 1

This Test will cover basic concepts of Direction and Distance Topic.
Q. A person is walking towards WEST, after a while he turns to his LEFT and little further, he turns to his RIGHT. In which direction is he moving now?
Q. Ram walks NORTHwards, after a while he turns to his RIGHT and a little further, to his LEFT, finally after walking a distance of 1 km, he turns to his LEFT again. In which direction is he moving now?
Q. A person walks 4 kms towards EAST and takes a RIGHT turn and walks 3 kms. How far is he from the starting point?

Q. Aditya went 15 kms to the WEST from my house then turned LEFT and walked for another 20 kms. He then turned towards EAST and walked for 25 kms and finally, turning LEFT, he covered 20 kms. How far is he from my house?
Q. Rekha who is facing SOUTH turns to her LEFT and walks 15 meters then she turns to her LEFT again and walks for 7 meters, then she turns to face WEST, and walks for 15 meters. How far she is from her original position?
Q. From his house, Lokesh went 15 kms to the NORTH. Then he turned WEST and covered 10 kms. Then he turned SOUTH and covered another 5 kms. Finally turning towards EAST, he covered 10 kms more. In which direction is he from his house?
Q. Venkat walks 10 kms towards NORTH. From there he walks 6 kms towards SOUTH, then he walks for 3 kms towards EAST. How far and in which direction is he with reference to his staring point?
Q. If SOUTH-EAST is called 'EAST', NORTH-WEST is called 'WEST', SOUTH-WEST is called 'SOUTH' and so on, what will NORTH be called?

Q. If SOUTH-EAST becomes 'NORTH', NORTH-EAST becomes 'WEST' and so on, what will WEST become?
Q. If A is to the SOUTH of B and C is to the EAST of B, in what direction is A with respect to C?
Q. If there are four towns P, Q, R and T. Q is to the SOUTH-WEST of P. R is to the EAST of Q and SOUTH-EAST of P, and T is to the NORTH of R along with Q, P. In which direction of P is T located?
Q. P, Q, R and S are four men who are playing cards. P and Q are partners, S faces towards NORTH. If P faces towards WEST, then who faces towards SOUTH?

Q. One evening before sunset two friends Sumit and Mohit were talking to each other face to face. If Mohit's shadow was exactly to his RIGHT side, which direction was Sumit facing?
Q. A man is facing NORTH-WEST. He turns 90 degrees in clockwise direction and then 135 degrees in the anticlockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?
Q. Sunita stands with her face pointing to the SOUTH-EAST direction. She walks 15 mtrs and then turns NORTH wards and walks another 12 mtrs. How far is she from the starting point?

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