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Big Data Online Practice Test - 11

This Test will cover complete Big Data with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. In a quiz,following fill in the blanks were given.
1) __________ is a bookkeeper of HDFS.
2) __________ serves the read and write requests,from the file system client's.
3) __________ keeps a track,of how the files are broken down,into file blocks etc.
4) __________ performs block creation,deletion and replication.
Mark the correct option.
Q. In the new sprint cycle,the client had requested,the development team,to specify a TTL value,of 6000 seconds for some data.
Mark the correct way,of doing the same.
Q. The team leads,were discussing,about,the replication factor,of the Hadoop cluster.
Lead A - The value of 3 as the replication factor,is correct.If one datanode fails,we get data from another one.But if one whole rack fails,then we get data,from another rack as well. Good thing is, Namenode efficiency,is not dependant,on the replication factor.
Lead B - As the replication factor increases,we get better reliability. But the load on Namenode, increases,as well.One can change,the replication factor,in the core-site.xml file.
Lead C - One can set the replication factor in the hdfs-site.xml file.The load on the Namenode,is not dependant,on the replication factor.
Mark the correct statement.
Q. Some of the features of Cassandra and HBase are mentioned below. Mark which of them belong to Cassandra (Ca) or HBase (HB).
What all statements should she include in her answer?
1) Here, high scalability and availability,is ensured by standby Master nodes
2) It uses Gossip protocol,for the internode communication.
3) It supports,the transaction mechanism,of 'Check and Put',and,'Read Check Delete'.
4) It supports ordered partitioning.
Mark the correct option.

Q. A developer was told to make changes in the Ports collection. It was required,to Update the PortLPG value,to Null,for Port id 5.
Mark the correct syntax.
Q. Mark the incorrect statement,about Folder creation in HDFS.
Q. A developer,came across the following query,while he was going through a project.
select * from regionsecurity distribute by regionid sort by numofcamera;
Consider the following statements(the number of reducers is set to 2).
Mark the correct option.
Q. Below are a few operators, used in Pig framework.
Describe(D), Illustrate(I), Explain(E), Diagnostic(Di)
Match them with their functionalities.
1) Provides step-wise execution,of sequence of statements.
2) Gives the relation schema.
3) Verify the implementation,of the Load statement.
4) Get the mapreduce execution plan,of a relation.
Q. A In an interview, the following code snippet was given. Freshers were asked to mark the correct output.
scala> "Good,\n\tMorning".intern();
Choose the correct output.

Q. Mark the Spark components with their descriptions.
1) It is the central point,that gives an execution platform,for all Spark applications.
2) This component helps in processing structured as well as semi-structured data.
3) This component allows to process graph data.
4) Provides high quality algorithms,preferred by data scientist's.
Mark the correct option.

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