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Big Data Online Practice Test - 13

This Test will cover complete Big Data with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. A developer was given,the following code snippet,in an exam. He was asked to mark,the valid output:
 def main(args: Array[String]) {
            var A = List(1,2,3);
            var B = List(2,4,7);

Mark the correct output,of the following code snippet.
Q. Consider a Travel document,with id:3 as
It was required,to replace,the element,in the 1st position,in the array,with value "rail".
Mark the correct syntax for the same.
Q. A developer executed,the following queries,in Hive:
1) select * from ports distribute by portid;
2) select * from ports order by portid;
3) select * from ports cluster by portid;
4) select * from ports distribute by portid sort by portid;
Which of the above ones,will give a similar result?
Q. A lead was explaining,the concept of Disk Balancer,in Hadoop"
1) The Intra-node disk balancing,is invoked,via the,HDFS disk balancer CLI.
2) The HDFS balancer,creates a set of statements,containing,how the data,would move,between the disks.
3) The disk balancer,is enabled by default.
4) Disk balancer is a command line tool.
Mark which of the statements are correct.

Q. Guess the framework name,based on following points.
My birthplace is Facebook.
I never compromise on availability.I do not have a master-slave architecture.So I do not have a single point of failure.
My database design is column-oriented.
I have two strategies,to determine,where to put data.SimpleStrategy and NetworkTopologyStrategy.
Options are:
Q. In a competition, following fill in the blanks, were given.
1) __________ has support for ACID properties.
2) CouchDB is __________ .
3) Distributed computing is supported by __________ .
4) Online Transaction Processing is supported by __________ .
Fill them up with the terms given below.
a) NoSql
b) NewSQL
c) Both NewSQL
d) NoSql
Q. A developer was told, to import the results of a SQL query(select * from ports where shipsize >100), into HDFS.
He wrote the sqoop query as: 
sqoop import \
--connect db_name \
--username u \
--password \
--query 'select * from ports where shipsize >100' \
--target dirname
Mark the correct statement,regarding the same.
Q. Below are a few functions,present in Spark RDD.
1) join()
2) top()
3) collect()
4) filter()
Mark which of them are ,Actions(A) or Transformations(T) functions.
Q. In a quiz,it was told to find the odd man out,from the following Hadoop commands, used in either Hadoop 1 or 2.

Q. Mentioned below,are the descriptions,of a few Storm components.
1) They are the source,of unordered sequence of tuples. They can be written,to read data,from data sources.
2) The list of ordered elements,which is a main data structure,in Storm.
3) Unordered sequence of tuples.
4) They execute filtering, aggregation, joining,interacting,with databases,and,data sources.
Guess their names.

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