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Big Data Online Practice Test - 4

This Test will cover complete Big Data with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. In a digital family following things are happening:
1) Digital Mom just finished her office work of writing some data in the MongoDb database using Python.
2) Digital Dad is glancing at his finance Excel sheet and making some corrections.
3) Digital Son uploaded his birthday video on his facebook timeline.
4) Digital Daughter has been told by her manager to analyse the transaction logs from home.
Mention the data category,which each and every family member,is contributing/accessing? Structured(S) , Unstructured(U) and Semi-Structured(SeS)
Q. In an interview, freshers were asked,to find out,the number of reducers,required for the job,for the following two scenarios:
a) A manager in a company,told his employees,that he required,monthly revenue statement,for the account "Green Tourist" for the year 2017.
b) A developer fires the Hive query - Select toyname from toysvehicles where wheels > 2
Options provided were as follows.
Q. Determine which big data technologies would be used for the following work:
1) Data sampling, which is,working on a subset,of a large real dataset.
2) Analyse and Process Logs Generated
3) Website activity tracking.
4) Managing and Monitoring Hadoop Cluster.
a) Chukwa
b) Pig
c) Ambari
d) Kafka
Mark the correct match.
Q. Consider there is a Employee Directory file,of 100Mb. Default HDFS block configuration,is 64Mb.In the map-reduce program,the developer sets,the input split size as 100Mb:
Note the following statements.
a) 1 Mapper is assigned for the job.Two data blocks(of the file),will be considered as a single split.
b) 2 Mappers are assigned for the job.Since split is only a logical division of data,the two data blocks(of the file),will be treated as separate entities.
c) 1 mapper is assigned for the job. Also,one block can have multiple splits.
d) 2 mappers are assigned for the job,as one split cannot be mapped to multiple blocks.
Mark the correct answer.

Q. Mark the incorrect statement, about the Namenode, from the following:

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