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Coin Bundles
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Purchase coins as per your requirement, and do projects and interactive courses.
Coin Bundles
50% OFF
Add-On Pack
ST coin 500 coins
for ₹250 ₹125
50% OFF
Newbie Pack
ST coin 1000 coins
for ₹500 ₹250
65% OFF
Pile of Coins
ST coin 2000 coins
for ₹1000 ₹350
80% OFF
Bag of Coins
ST coin 5000 coins
for ₹2500 ₹500
80% OFF
Big bag of Coins
ST coin 7500 coins
for ₹3750 ₹750
80% OFF
Gold Chest
ST coin 15000 coins
for ₹7500 ₹1500
This is not a subscription. It's a one-time purchase.

Pick your Bundle and...

Do paid Interactive Courses.

Do Mini Projects.

Generate Certificates to showcase your skills.

Enjoy exclusive Coin holder Privileges.

Lifetime Validity.

Exclusive content added every month.


Answering some of your common questions.

To use or premium services you need coins. Our premium offering includes Interactive course, Mini Projects, and and other occasional exclusive privileges, like, Live Workshops, community offers, etc.

You can use our application and earn coins, by doing free Interactive courses, giving tests, by completing your profile, etc. We are continuously adding more avenues to earn coins on our website.

No, you cannot. Studytonight coins are not money, atleast not as of now. You can purchase coins using money, and then use them to do courses and projects on Studytonight.

But you cannot convert the coins back to actual money.

No, you cannot. Studytonight coins are non-transfereable. The coins associated to one user cannot be transferred to any other user of our application. We do not support such transactions and we advice users to not to get involved in such a trade.

No, they are not. Our coin system is not on blockchain. It's just a virtual entity, that our internal system uses to manage transactions. These coins can only be utilised on Studytonight. Consider them more of a reward points, that you get when you use an application and then you can utlize them to avail some service.

Like coins in a game.

No, they are not. A Coin is a virtual entity, used for managing transactions on Studytonight. You can either purchase a course/project by paying money, or you can purchase coins using money, and then use those coins to avail services.

That's it. No metal involved.