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SMTP Protocol - Computer Networks Test

The given set of MCQs focuses on the MCQs on SMTP Protocol in computer networks.
Q. SMTP stands for __________.
Q. SMTP is an __________ protocol.
Q. The SMTP protocol is used to send __________ over the internet.
Q. SMTP protocol uses the port number __________.

Q. In SMTP protocol, when the mail server sends mail to other mail servers it becomes __________.
Q. SMTP uses TCP protocol at the __________.
Q. If we want to send multimedia data over SMTP, it has to be encoded into __________.
Q. In SMTP, which of the following command is used to write receiver's mail address?
Q. A session may include __________.

Q. User-agent does not support __________.
Q. When the sender and receiver of an email are on different systems, then we need __________.
Q. SMTP is an __________.
Q. SMTP protocol is used to transfer only __________.
Q. Which one of the following is a User Agent?

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