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Network Topologies and Network Protocols Concepts Test

This Test will cover Network Topologies and Network Protocols Test.
Q. FDDI is a __________ network.
Q. A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is __________ network.
Q. The most flexibility, in how devices are wired together, is provided by __________.

Q. A central computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is __________.
Q. What is the full form of RAID?
Q. Which of the following is/are protocols in Networking?
Q. GIF stands for __________.

Q. The error introduced by the finite number of bits per sample is called the __________ noise.
Q. __________ bursting allows a sender to transmit a concatenated sequence of multiple frames in a single transmission?
Q. Protocols in which the sender sends one frame and then waits for an acknowledgement before proceeding are called _________.
Q. The data link layer takes a packet it gets from the network layer and encapsulates it into __________.
Q. The number of bit positions in which the code words differ are called __________.
Q. Polynomial code is also known as __________.
Q. Protocols in which the sender waits for a positive acknowledgement before advancing to the next data item are often called __________?
Q. The commonly used protocol for webpage transfer is __________.

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