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Data Structure and Algo Questions

This Test will cover basic concepts of data Structure and related algorithm.
Q. How many queues are needed to implement priority queues?
Q. Which of the following sorting algorithm has least best case time complexity?
Q. The small o notation in asymptotic evaluation represents?

Q. There are K nodes in a binary search tree. What will be the maximum number of edges in this tree?
Q. Which of the following condition represents Overflow for a queue?
Q. Which of the following is a non-linear data structure?
Q. Which of the following problems can not be implemented by a stack?
Q. Quick sort uses which of the following paradigm?

Q. What is the result of following postfix expression?

2 4 1 * - 3 -

Q. Evaluate the following postfix expression?

3 9 + 6 4 / * 3 5 * *

Q. What will be time complexity of selection sort when the elements are arranged in reverse sorted manner?
Q. Which sorting algorithm is best suited when elements are present in increasing order?

Q. Which data structure is best suited for implementing huffman's encoding algorithm?
Q. In quick sort algorithm what is the time complexity of partition function when last element is selected as pivot element?
Q. Which of the following is out of place sorting algorithm?

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