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RDBMS Advanced Concepts Test

This Test will cover many concepts of DBMS, its a mixed bag of questions.
Q. The natural join is equal to:
Q. Which one of the following is not true for a View:
Q. A primary key if combined with a foreign key creates __________.
Q. In E-R Diagram relationship type is represented by __________.

Q. Hierarchical model is also called __________.
Q. To delete a particular column in a relation the command used is:
Q. The __________ operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have been specified.
Q. A logical schema __________.
Q. A B-tree of order m has maximum of __________ children?

Q. __________ function divides one numeric expression by another and returns the remainder.
Q. A data manipulation command that combines the records from one or more tables is called __________?
Q. In E-R diagram generalization is represented by __________.
Q. __________ is a virtual table that draws its data from the result of an SQL SELECT statement.
Q. The method of access which uses key transformation is known as __________.
Q. A table joined with itself is called __________.

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