DBMS MCQs Test 7

This Test will cover complete DBMS with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.

Q. In dBASE software the key that act as a toggle between Edit mode and Browse mode is :
Q. If contents of a field cannot be zero or less than that, then in the range minimum value would be specified as :
Q. Which of the following commands permanently delete the record marked for deletion from the database field?
Q. Which function is used to convert to a character string?

Q. The first element in T[4, 3] is __________.
Q. Which one of the following statements is FALSE?
Q. The order of a leaf node in a B+ tree is the maximum value number of(value, data record pointer) pairs it can hold. Given that the block size is 1K bytes, data record pointer is 7 bytes long, the value field is 9 bytes long and a block pointer is 6 bytes long, what is the order of leaf node?
Q. A Clustering Index is defined on the fields which are of the type?
Q. One of the header fields in an IP datagram is the Time-to-Live(TTL) field. Which of the following statements best explains the need for this field?

Q. Which one of the following is not a client-server application?
Q. Consider a B+ tree in which the maximum number of keys in a node is 5. What is the minimum number of keys in any non-root node?
Q. Which of the following concurrency control protocols ensure both conflict Serializability and freedom from deadlock?
I. 2-phase locking
II. Time-stamp ordering
Q. Given the basic ER and relational models, which of the following is INCORRECT?
Q. Which of the following is TRUE?
Q. How many tuple(s) does the result of the following SQL query contain?