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SQL Functions and Relational Algebra in DBMS

This Test will cover introduction to SQL functions and relational algebra.
Q. Which function returns the average value of a column?
Q. Which of the operations constitute a basic set of operations for manipulating relational data?
Q. Which of the following is another name for weak entity?
Q. Which of the following database object does not physically exist?

Q. NULL is ________ .
Q. Which of the following is record based logical model?
Q. A data dictionary is a special file that contains:
Q. A file manipulation command that extracts some of the records from a file is called ________ .
Q. The physical location of a record is determined by a mathematical formula that transforms a file key into a record location is :

Q. Using Relational Algebra the query that finds customers, who have a balance of over 1000 is _______ ?
Q. A primary key combined with a foreign key creates _______ .
Q. In E-R Diagram derived attribute are represented by _______ .
Q. Cross Product is a:
Q. An instance of relational schema R(A, B, C) has distinct values of A including NULL values. Which one of the following is true??
Q. Consider the join of a relation R with relation S. If R has m tuples and S has n tuples, then the maximum size of join is:

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