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Create folder with batch but only if it doesn't already exist

Can anybody tell me how to do the following in in a Windows batch script? (*.bat):

Build a folder only if it doesn't already exist
In more detail, I want to create a folder named VTS on the C: drive, but only if that folder doesn't already exist. I don't want to overwrite the contents of the folder if it already exists and the batch is executed.
cmd batch-file windows

2 Answers

You just use this: if not exist "C:VTS" mkdir C:VTS it wll create a directory only if the folder does not exist.

Note that this existence test will return true only if VTS exists and is a directory. If it is not there, or is there as a file, the mkdir command will run, and should cause an error. You might want to check for whether VTS exists as a file as well.
mkdir C:VTS 2> NUL
create a folder called VTS and output A subdirectory or file TEST already exists to NUL.


(C:&(mkdir "C:VTS" 2> NUL))&
change the drive letter to C:, mkdir, output error to NUL and run the next command.

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