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I was trying to download chrome webdriver but it shows ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED
I'm trying for like 3-4 hrs I thought connection problem at first but it isn't
what could be the reason?

2 Answers

driver needs to be same version as your chrome version.
To fix ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED, you are supposed to reset Chrome settings. Chrome contains a built-in tool to guide you better do this. To gain access to it, enter the following address in your browser bar: chrome://settings/privacy. When you scroll down to the bottom of the settings area, tap the option that says Advanced to enlarge additional settings. Here, then at the bottom of the advanced settings, you’ll see an option to Restore settings to their original defaults. Another method that can be applied is to clear your Chrome's cache by entering chrome://settings/privacy this command and then tap the Clear browsing data option as here; you will see multiple options from which you can choose the one that you need to clear. These are the following, Choose All time as the time range. Pick Cached images and files to remove the browser cache and press Clear data. To learn about other methods, go for now.

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