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Error:Unable to locate adb within SDK in Android Studio

what does this error means? When I click the "run" button on my simulator I get this message.

Throwable: Unable to locate adb within SDK

I am running the latest version, 0.8.14.

2 Answers

For any individual who is as yet running into this issue. I had a comparable issue where I could see my gadget from adb on the order line utilizing adb gadgets however Android Studio would not perceive when I had a gadget appended and would toss all things considered:
Unable to locate adb within SDK
Unable to obtain result of 'adb version'

I had attempted beginning/stops of adb, uninstalls, of stage instruments, and the sky is the limit from there. What I found was that inside my C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Android organizer I had different sdk envelopes. I played out the following:
1. Unistall Platform-Tools using Android Studio's SDK Manager
2. Deleted all platform-tools\ directories within each C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Android\sdk directory
3. Reinstalled Platform-Tools using Android Studio's SDK Manager
Expect this benefits someone with their problem
If you are using Android Studio and you are facing this issue then the best way to solve this problem will be by checking which platform tool is missing. In order to do this, first, click on 'Tools' present on the top tab bar of android studio. Then, select Android and then select the SDK Manager. Now, click on the Launch Standalone SDK manager. You can clearly see which platform tool is missing. So just install that and then your adb will start working properly.

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