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How can a add a row to a data frame in R?

In R, how do you add a new row to a data frame once the data frame has already been initialized?

So far I have this:
df <- data.frame("hi", "bye")
names(df) <- c("hello", "goodbye")

#I am trying to add "hola" and "ciao" as a new row
de <- data.frame("hola", "ciao")

merge(df, de) # Adds to the same row as new columns

# Unfortunately, I couldn't find an rbind() solution that wouldn't give me an error

Any help would be appreciated

2 Answers

Hence, you need to explicitly declare the columns names for the second data frame, de, then use rbind(). You only set column names for the first data frame, df:


newdf <- rbind(df, de)
Let's make it simple:

df[nrow(df) + 1,] = c("v1","v2")

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