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How important is Java/Python compared to C++ in the AI industry?

Which one is more important Java, Python or C++ in AI Industry?

1 Answer

As others also say below, the Python/C++ combo is the de facto standard in machine learning and AI today. The second best is R/Rcpp/C++. Other ecosystem has also parallel offers (even PHP has an ML library), but the industry clearly prefers the Python/C++ combo today.

There might be some changes in the future. Rust might get stronger and actually take some share both from C++ (for writing ML libraries) and from Python (for putting ML algorithms in production) in the ML/AI business.

Julia is a strong contender, let us see how far she can go. She has the ambition to dethrone both Python and C++ all at once. But I am personally not sure if it is ever gonna happen.

Other languages such as Go, JavaScript, Kotlin and Swift will also have some roles in using pre-trained algorithms.

But today, the most dominant player is Python/C++ [and it might be perhaps Python/Rust in the future, but this is only my personal fantasy ;)].

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