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How to disable the beep sound system-wide

f I want to disable beep sounds from stuff like bash, I add this line to "/etc/inputrc":
set bell-style none

Sadly, this doesn't work for some other events like GDM start-up and shut down. I thought that adding this line to "/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf" would help:
blacklist pcspkr

That makes me wonder and doubt where the sound actually comes from.

1 Answer

Solution for LXDE:
vim $HOME/.config/autostart/LXinput-setup.desktop

Exec=sh -c 'xset m 20/10 10 r rate 500 30 b on'

Exec=sh -c 'xset m 20/10 10 r rate 500 30 b off'

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