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HTML Level 3 Lesson 1: Why cant I submit

I was asked to italicized "Wonder of world" and underline "Agra"

Here's my answer:
<p><b>Taj Mahal</b> is the first <i> Wonder of World </i> </p>
<p>It is located in <u> Agra </u> </p>

But when I try to submit, the message "You have to make wonder of world italic. Use <i> tag" always appears, even though I did everything correctly.

Thank you for the answers... :')

2 Answers

try this one:

<!doctype html>
<title>My Webpage Title</title>
<p><b>Taj Mahal</b> is the first <i>Wonder of World</i></p>
<p>It is located in <u>Agra</u></p>
refresh the page and write the code again. actually this was not your fault, sometimes the system can't match your result with system pre define result.

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