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'IF' in 'SELECT' statement - choose output value based on column values

SELECT id, amount FROM report

I need add up to be sum if report.type='P' and - sum if report.type='N'. How would I add this to the above question?
database mysql sql

2 Answers


IF(type = 'P', amount, amount -1) as amount
FROM report

Additionally, you could handle when the condition is null. In the case of a null amount:

IF(type = 'P', IFNULL(amount,0), IFNULL(amount,0)
-1) as amount
FROM report

The part IFNULL(amount,0) means when amount is not null return amount else return 0.
Use a case statement:
select id,
case report.type
when 'P' then amount
when 'N' then -amount
end as amount

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