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Level 11 lesson 2 steps 5, 7 and 8

how do i do step 5 and step 7 and 8???
7. Use appropriate property on resultDiv element to add the message in it so that it is shown on the output screen.
8. In the message use array property to count the number of elements present in the array, which will be the word count of the content.

1 Answer

Hi, This is how steps are supposed to done:


alert("String found");
else {
alert("String not found");


function count() {
let content = document.getElementById("content").innerText;
// use string function to create array of its words
let arr = content.split(" ");

let resultDiv = document.getElementById("result");
// use array property to find number of array elements
resultDiv.innerText = "Number of words:" + arr.length;

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