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Library not found for -lPods

I got an error when archiving a project. This is my environment.

Mac OS Lion
Xcode 4.3.1
iOS SDK 5.1
The project deployment target is:

The error shows:
ld: library not found for -lPods
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

This is my Podfile
platform :ios  
dependency 'libPusher', '1.1'

I am not sure what the error means?
objective-c ios

2 Answers

What I had to do was to run

pod install
again and thus configuring cocoapods for the new Preview configuration. It updated my project, the workspace and the Pod's project file and the problem disappeared
I separated the app and the test targets in the Podfile by using

target :App do


target :AppTests do


This resulted in two new products libPods-App.a and libPods-AppTests.a, respectively and they made the previous product libPods.a obsolete. I had to remove this product from the Link Binary With Libraries Section of the Build Phases configuration of both targets.

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