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Maximum call stack size exceeded error

I am using a Direct Web Remoting (DWR) JavaScript library file and am getting an error only in Safari (desktop and iPad)

It says

Maximum call stack size exceeded.

What exactly does this error mean and does it stop processing completely?

Also any fix for Safari browser (Actually on the iPad Safari, it says

JS:execution exceeded timeout

which I am assuming is the same call stack issue)

4 Answers

In my case, I was sending input elements instead of their values:

$.post( '',{ registerName: $('#registerName') } )

Instead of:

$.post( '',{ registerName: $('#registerName').val() } )

This froze my Chrome tab to a point it didn't even show me the 'Wait/Kill' dialog for when the page became unresponsive...
In my case, click event was propagating on child element. So, I had to put the following:


on click event:

$(document).on("click", ".remove-discount-button", function (e) {
//some code
$(document).on("click", ".current-code", function () {
Here is the html code:

<div class="current-code">
<input type="submit" name="removediscountcouponcode" value="
title="Remove" class="remove-discount-button">
There is a recursive loop somewhere in your code (i.e. a function that eventually calls itself again and again until the stack is full).

Other browsers either have bigger stacks (so you get a timeout instead) or they swallow the error for some reason (maybe a badly placed try-catch).

Use the debugger to check the call stack when the error happens.
You can sometimes get this if you accidentally import/embed the same JavaScript file twice, worth checking in your resources tab of the inspector.

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