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Merging dictionaries in C#

What's the best way to merge 2 or more dictionaries (Dictionary<T1,T2>) in C#? (3.0 features like LINQ are fine).

I'm thinking of a method signature along the lines of:
public static Dictionary<TKey,TValue>
Merge<TKey,TValue>(Dictionary<TKey,TValue>[] dictionaries);

public static Dictionary<TKey,TValue>
Merge<TKey,TValue>(IEnumerable<Dictionary<TKey,TValue>> dictionaries);

EDIT: Got a cool solution from JaredPar and Jon Skeet, but I was thinking of something that handles duplicate keys. In case of collision, it doesn't matter which value is saved to the dict as long as it's consistent.

1 Answer

I would do it like this:

dictionaryFrom.ToList().ForEach(x => dictionaryTo.Add(x.Key, x.Value));
Simple and easy. According to this blog post it's even faster than most loops as its underlying implementation accesses elements by index rather than enumerator (see this answer).

It will of course throw an exception if there are duplicates, so you'll have to check before merging.

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