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My NIC speed is 1g per second why scp speed is 120MB per second

My Network Interface card r/w rate is 1000MB/S, but when I scp one file it shows the copy speed is 120MB/S. such as: scp test.gz localhost:/data/test.gz

1 Answer

Looks like you're confusing Mb/s (megabit per second) with MB/s (megabyte per second).

1000 Mb/s becomes a theoretical 125 MB/s, and 120 MB/s looks like good performance (since you don't give more information, I take that it is a standard desktop PC with SATA hard disks).

Besides, I don't really think you can reach 1 GB/s (which would mean 8 Gb/s) without special equipment (10 Gb ethernet, a high-end NAS or a SAN etc...).

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