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GATE 2020 - Compiler Design Warmup Test

This Test will cover complete Compiler Design with very important questions, starting off from basics to advanced level.
Q. System program such as Compiler are designed so that they are __________ ?
Q. A system program that setup an executable program in main memory ready for execution is __________ ?
Q. Assembler is a program that __________ ?
Q. A Compiler program in a high level language is called __________ ?

Q. Compiler can diagnose __________ ?
Q. A programmer, by mistake, writes an instruction to divide, instead of a multiply, such error can be detected by a/an __________ ?
Q. A series of statements explaining how the data is to be processed is called __________ ?
Q. The Computer Language generally translated to pseudocode is __________ ?
Q. Language which have many types, but the type of every name and expression must be calculated at compile time are __________ ?

Q. A system program that sets up an executable program in main memory ready for execution is?
Q. A system program that combines separately Compiled Modules of a program into a form suitable for execution is?
Q. Advantage of using assembly language rather than machine language is?
Q. In which way a Macro Processor for Assembly Language can be implemented?
Q. In an Absolute Loading Scheme, which loader function is accomplished by programmer?
Q. Which of the following is a phase of a Compilation Process?

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