Classes, Instance and Constructors Basics Test

This Test covers classes, instance and constructor related questions.
Q. In Java a _______ is a sequence of character.
Q. The String is defined in _______ namespace.
Q. ________ is a special member function.
Q. Keyword _______ is always a reference to the object.

Q. ________ is the mechanism that binds together the code and the data.
Q. Java is designed for _______ environment of the internet.
Q. _______ is a small unit of a process.
Q. Wrapper class is a wrapper around a _______ data type.
Q. Once an interface has been defined, one or more _______ can implement that interface.

Q. Variable declared as ________ do not occupy memory on a per instance basis.
Q. _______ must be the first statement executed inside a subclass Constructor.
Q. Which function is used to perform some action when the object is to be destroyed?
Q. The ________ statement is used to terminate a statement sequence.
Q. Multidimensional arrays are actually ________.
Q. _______ statement in java is multiway branch statement.

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