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JSP jsp:setProperty Tag

The setProperty tag is used to store data in JavaBeans instances. The syntax of setProperty tag is:

<jsp:setProperty name="beanName" property="*">
<!-- or -->
<jsp:setProperty name="beanName" property="propertyName">
<!-- or -->
<jsp:setProperty name="beanName" property="propertyName" param="parameterName">
<!-- or -->
<jsp:setProperty name="beanName" property="propertyName" value="propertyValue">

The name attribute specifies the name of javaBean instances. This must match the id attribute specified in the jsp:useBean tag. The property attribute specifies which property of the bean to access.

Example of setProperty with Java Bean

Following is our Java class.


public class PersonBean implements Serializable
  private String name;
  public PersonBean()
  public void setName(String name)
  { = name;
  public String getName()
    return name;


        <title>Welcome Page</title>
    <jsp:useBean id="person" class="PersonBean" scope="request" />
    <jsp:setProperty name="person" property="name" value="Viraj" />
        Name of Person is : <jsp:getProperty name="person" property="name" />

Output will be → Name of Person is : Viraj

Similarly we can have a very complex Java Bean as well, with many properties. We can easily get and set all the properties using the jsp:useBean, jsp:setProperty, jsp:getProperty.