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What is the full form of ASP?

Posted in Programming   LAST UPDATED: JUNE 11, 2021

What does ASP stand for?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages. Microsoft created ASP to allow programmers to create and design websites. It is a web building scripting engine that is used to create dynamic web applications.

What is ASP?

  • ASP allows programmers to create dynamic web applications. It is basically a server page that includes embedded programming. In general, ASP server-side engine involves the process of interpreting and executing the ASP document and then return the document to the server.
  • It works on top of the HTTP protocol and uses HTTP commands to set up communication web pages. An ASP will contain both scripts and standard HTML as well.
  • It is used for creating solutions based on HTML5, CSS, and Javascript that are simple and fast and covers a large user base.


What are the advantages of ASP?

1. Separation of Concern

ASP follows the MVC architecture which follows the process of separate input, process, and output of the application. This structure connects all of the components and can control specific development aspects of the software application.

2. Speed

Websites and programs with ASP have the potential to be a lot faster and efficient than websites or apps built from any other language such as JAVA.

4. Power and Flexibility

The language is based on Common Language Runtime(CLR) so the web application programmers can enjoy the flexibility and power of the entire platform. It is also language-independent and any language can be used to develop it.

5. Security

Security is a very important feature of the framework language. A programmer can create a secure application through built-in window authentication and per-application configuration features.

6. Cross-platform migration

The language allows for easy cross-platform migration, configuration, and deployment features.

7. Simplicity

Every task in this language can be performed with utmost simplicity. The development process for programmers is extremely simple with services like garbage collection and automatic reference counting. The framework allows programmers to develop web pages that can separate logic and presentation code.

What are the disadvantages of ASP?

1. Mixes layout and logic

ASP files often combine script codes with HTML. This leads to lengthy, and difficult-to-read ASP scripts. The mix of ASP codes with HTML codes is a huge problem for larger web applications, where content must be kept different from logic.

2. No real state management

Session state is only maintained if the client browser maintains cookies. The session state information can be only held by using the ASP session object. Additional code is needed to identify the user.

3. Complex pages with performance issues

Programmers struggle for the control of hierarchy at run time and a no. of events make applications very complicated as programmers struggle to insert codes at the right places.

4. Limited development tools

Various Microsoft tools have tried to increase the productivity of ASP programmers by providing graphical development providers. However, these tools never achieved the level of ease attained by Microsoft windows application development tools such as visual basic or Microsoft access.

5. Update files when the server is down

If the web application makes use of the components, copying of files should only be done when the web server is stopped.

6. Obscure configuration setting

The configuration information for an ASP web application is stored in IIS Metabase. As this is stored in the propriety format it can be only modified on the server machine with utilities such as Internet service manager. With limited support for extracting these settings, it is a very difficult task to port an ASP application from one server to another.


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