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HTML Minify Tool

A web tool for the Developer Community to quickly minify HTML files.

HTML Minify tool will help you minify HTML code for your webpages, to optimize your HTML code for super-fast performance. It uses the html-minifier library.

Why minify HTML code?

When you minify HTML code, you remove the indentation, hence the empty spaces, comments added to your code, and by doing so reduce the size of your HTML files. So when the size of the HTML file gets reduced it starts getting loading faster.

When you open any weboage in your browser, the browser makes a network call to the server of the website and downloads the HTML code to display it in the browser. So if the overall size of HTML file is less, it is easier to download and process it.

What happens when I minify HTML code?

With this Minify HTML tool, you can:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary spaces, lines breaks, and comments from your HTML code.
  2. It will sort the attribute values in alphabetical order to improve readability.
  3. It will remove the attribute from the HTML tag if no value is provided to the attribute.
  4. It will also remove the type="text/javascript" attribute from the script tag and type="text/css" from style tag. In case the type attribute has some other value then it will not remove it.

How to use the minify HTML code tool?

To use this tool, simply paste your code in the input box (Editor on the left) and click on the "Compress Code" button. You will get your minified HTML code in the output box on the right side. You will also get to see the difference in size of the original code and the minified code.

How to use the minify HTML code tool?