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JS Minify Tool

A web tool for the Developer Community to quickly minify JS files.

Js Minify tool or JavaScript minification tool can be used to minify the JS code. It uses terser, a powerful JS module that works with the latest JS features.

Why minify JS code?

When you minify JavaScript code, you remove the indentation, hence the empty spaces, comments added to your code, also, a lot of the syntax is minified by updating variable names, using shorthand syntax, etc. all this reduces the size of your JS files. And when the size of the JS file gets reduced it starts getting loading faster.

Also, by minifying your JavaScript code you make it difficult for others to understand the code, so it enhances security of the code too.

When you open any webpage in your browser, the browser makes a network call to the server of the website and downloads the HTML code along with other files required by the webpage, like the CSS file, JS file, images, etc. to display them in the browser. So if the overall size of JS file is less, it is easier to download and process it.

What happens when I minify JS code?

With this minify JS tool, you can:

  1. Remove extra spaces, line breaks, and comments from your code.
  2. Rename temporary variables and functions to use shorter names.
  3. Optimize code for better performance and speed.
  4. Unused code will be dropped.

How to use the minify JS code tool?

To use this tool, just paste your code in the input box given on the left side and click on the "Compress" button. You will get your smaller code in the output box on the right side. Use "copy" button to copy output to clipboard. Try it out!