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Android App Development Basics

This Test will cover some basic concepts of Android related to App development and project creation.
Q. Which amongst these is NOT a part of Android's native libraries?
Q. Which operating system is used as the base of the Android stack?
Q. When you develop an App for Android OS, what is Java bytecode compiled into?

Q. Which one of these is not one of the three main components of an .apk file?
Q. What is the name of the program that converts Java bytecode into Dalvik bytecode?
Q. The Emulator is identical to running a real phone. Which is the feature which cannot be emulated using an Emulator?
Q. The R file is generated __________.

Q. To create an emulator, you need an AVD. What does it stands for?
Q. While developing Android applications, developers can test their apps on
1. Emulator included in Android SDK

2. Physical Android phone

3. Third-party Emulators
Q. What runs in the background and doesn't have any UI components?

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