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Storage in Android and related concepts

This Test will cover concepts of Storage in Android and related features and functions.
Q. What is/are storage options available in Android?
Q. SharedPreferences store the data in which format?
Q. To write files on the external storage, which permission will you write in AndroidManifest.xml file?

Q. Which objects store only primitive datatypes?
Q. In order to use internal storage to write some data in the file, which method will be used? HINT: This method returns FileOutputStream.
Q. Which object stores the data only in key-value pair?
Q. To query a content provider, you specify the query string in the following format of a URI. What should we write in the place of <standard_prefix>?

Q. To check whether the media(external storage) is available, which method of Environment class will you use?
Q. If you want to share the data from one application to another application, which object will you use?
Q. Which mode is not in SharedPreference?

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